Faroe Ship is the most complete solution for domestic trucking in the Faroe Islands. Our white trucks are visible everywhere on the islands.

Faroe Ship Trucking most often handles the first and last link in the supply chain. We handle the pickup and delivery of cargo transported by Faroe Ship. Trucking has an own fleet of around 30 cars that are cruising every corner of the Faroe Islands every day of the year.

Faroe Ship also provides trucking services to the Faroese fishing- and sea farming industry. The Trucking Department transports a big part of the fish feed that is transported on Faroese roads. Carriage of fresh fish between ports and the largest fish producers in the country is another large part of our activity. But the Trucking Department also takes on smaller jobs. On a daily basis our trucks deliver a large amount of smaller packages for companies in the trade and construction industries.